Saturday, February 21, 2015

Introduction & Trollficcery

Well, this is my first day trying this blog thingy so it's probably best I introduce myself and what this blog is about.

Hi, I tend to browse the web by the name TorgoForever so I wanted to name this blog Torgo's Pizza. That title was taken so I added DYNAMITE to the middle. I've honestly been having some rough times in my life as of recently, so it was suggested blogging would help me vent and I'm curious enough to see how this blogger works. I'm also the trollfic writer D'arkTorgam'i who you can read the works of here and here. I was in college in UCSB but am on a year hiatus taking classes to be closer to home (so glad my spot there is saved). I'm a computer science major who took interest in the machines since childhood and always took interest in the machines for their ability to do exactly what you wanted them to efficiently (well, most of the time) and tried to model my own productivity on a mechanical schedule in hope it would make me the most accomplished person and therefore feel the most alive. Apparently some uncontrollable obsessions resulted from that meaning I tend to lose myself when things don't go my way. It's kind of a problem. My hobbies involve playing video games (usually Nintendo, or RPGs of previous gens, rarely shooters as I was never good at them; generally story and gameplay are the clinging factors to which ones I play), watching movies (huge Netflix watcher, often based on what's expiring) with the occasional dabble into animé and maybe a series or two (takes much more time investment). I have a hard time choosing favorites for the most part, but my favorite sci-fi is Xenogears, mystery The Usual Suspects, and rom-com True Romance. My favorite directors are Wes Anderson & Darren Aronofsky (still need to see Noah actually)... and that's about as much as I know about my own favorites. Well save for one other category we'll get to momentarily.

For the longest time I have been averse to fanfiction, that was until I discovered Bennett the Sage's Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre and took enjoyment in badfics. And then the one night I went through My Immortal (does it even need an introduction?), a friend named LunarSoul was reading through Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami. The combination of two people WTFing was enough to leave me fascinated for the night as two insanities conjoined into a mess of confused laughter. Of course I went on to read Dark Yagami, which I easily consider to be the greatest trollfic ever written for maintaining a creatively stupid internal logic to bind its madness together while further spiraling down into absolute insanity the whole way. If you checked my fic works you can see I fell in love with this thing so much that I am still writing a sequel in progress to it. Why are the updates so slow as of earlier? Well, when you want your next arc to get in a grand war of every filmmaker you can think of, you need to stop and watch the movies for inspiration. Believe me, I will complete it. Remember, D'arkYagam'i took 4 years to finish his, so I'm expecting that or longer for mine. Currently I'm only on the second to last arc. Maybe I'll get back to writing it after typing this. I dunno.

So what is this blog about? Well, anything. If there's anything I wanna talk about I may end up posting it here. Don't expect a regular schedule for this, because I can't plan for that. See you all whenever for the next post.